15 Creative and Useful Tumblr Widgets to Power-up your Blog

When you think of Tumblr widgets, you may think they’re just a way to rearrange various items in your Tumblog’s sidebar without touching any code. Sure, that’s nice and all, but Tumblr widgets can be very powerful tools in your blogging arsenal. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your Tumblr blog, there is probably a widget that will help you to do it.

Tumblr widgets are a handy, easy and simple way to add some flare to your blog. A nice Tumblr blog would have proper utilization of widgets maintaining the platform’s minimalism and bring your readers more value at the same time.

We’ve gathered a list of 15 useful Tumblr widgets for your blog.  Please feel free to suggest great widgets for Tumblr in comments that we can add to this list.

Tumblr Widget: This widget makes posting easy and fun. Make regular posts with HTML formatting and spell-checking. Your username and password are saved in between sessions making posting to your Tumblr account quick and easy.

In-Link: is a Tumblr widget that helps you display a “Related Posts” area beneath your individual posts, with a very easy to use yet customizable format.

Tumblweed: This widget is designed as a desktop client that lets you view posts and create new ones right from your desktop. Tumblweed works perfectly well on Windows and Mac, and it also allows photo posts from webcams, clipboards, or drag-and-dropping.

Tag Clouds: This is a tag cloud generator for Tumblr. It uses the Tumblr API’s JSON output and jQuery to generate a tag cloud each time your site is accessed.

Tumbltape: This widget will easily turn any Tumblr blog into a play-list. It is created with the latest songs on a user’s tumble-log, and the play-list is updated automatically as new songs are uploaded.

Tumblelog: Enter the URL of a Tumble-log you wish to play MP3s from, and you’re done.  If you wish to play from more than one, simply separate their URLs with commas.

Weekly Free iTunes Downloads: If music is a main focus of what you discuss on Tumblr, then this is the perfect widget for you.  Updates weekly with the available free download from iTunes.

Twitter for Tumblr: This widget allows your Twitter stream to show up on your tumblog.

Skype: This widget allows your visitors to see if you are on Skype from your sidebar.  They can even call your Skype number depending on how you have it configured.

Meebo Me: Place a little chat box in your sidebar that allows readers to communicate with you when you are logged into Meebo, or they can leave you an offline message.

Shout List: Overwhelm your friends with up to 40 different social bookmarking icons so that they can add your Tumble-log to just about any social site you can think of.

Disqus: Without a doubt Disqus is the most popular comment widget for Tumblr. It’s works a lot like a micro forum for each of your posts.

Flickr on Tumblr: A badge that displays 12 of your selected Flickr images at a time, making them larger as people roll over them. They can go to your Flickr page by clicking on an image.

Daily Painters: will display a different famous work of art each day in your sidebar.  Despite the long code, it is the perfect Tumblr widget for art intensive Tumble-logs.

CNN Tumblr: Display the latest and most popular news from CNN.com in your sidebar. Great widget for any Tumblr blogs that is about current events.

 15 Creative and Useful Tumblr Widgets to Power-up your Blog

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