Get Smart and Make Your Website Eco-Friendly with Green Net Host

One of the recent emerging trends in the hosting industry is eco-friendly or green hosting. A green net host can be well described as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional means of hosting, becoming more and more popular forcing net hosts to offer their clients. Green is when net hosts either purchase carbon offsets or use eco-friendly energy efficient servers. Green host is almost exclusively shared hosting which means that it can be a perfect opportunity for you to bring a contribution to the environment, requiring only shared hosting for your website.

World internet usage statistics show that the internet is still doubling in size in the U.S. and growing from 400 to 1000% a year, worldwide. In fact, the total electric bill to operate those servers and related infrastructure equipment was $2.7 billion in the United States and $7.2 billion worldwide. It is estimated that if energy consumption with web hosting keeps rising at the current rate by 2020 the industry will be more polluting than the airline industry. Wikipedia

Most of the green net hosts has switched to more efficiently servers to reduce the energy consumption and some of them have purchased Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) which represent energy produced in a green way. They may also look at carbon offsets, which, as the name would suggest, offset the amount of carbon the net host produces. With this action a host provider can reduce the carbon emission with 50%.

Many green net hosts also take measures by reducing the energy consumption in their office environment. Running their offices on solar power, enforce recycling policies and eliminate the use of paper to cut down on unnecessary tree use. Other green measures include requiring that employees carpool to work to cut down on the harmful emissions that stem from day-to-day driving or asking them to cut down on energy use while at home.

Another way green net hosts help to offset carbon emissions is by planting a tree with every package sold. While this may seem like a small commitment on the surface, a popular host that handles high volumes of business can make a significant impact by planting its word.

The investment you make in choosing a eco-friendly net host will not only give you a place for your website to grow but will help save the environment. Without a doubt, green host alternatives are certainly the way to go!

Get Smart and Make Your Website Eco-Friendly with Green Net Host

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