Net Hosts in the Spotlight: Hosting with DreamHost is an established net host provider that offers a wide range of hosting services including WordPress hosting. The company was created in 1997. The organizational structure of DreamHost is employee-based. Unlike various net hosts with a more conglomerate or highly structured form, DreamHost enjoys a very light, family-oriented and friendly atmosphere that definitely makes their work a pleasure than a task. When it comes to clients or customers, it is much like family when you go with them. DreamHost is great especially for those who do not have the time for complexities.

Their net host packages and benefits are varied and can be tailor fitted to the needs of the clients. The company has its basic facets, from bandwidth, domains and storage. DreamHost also have packages for E-mail management and safety, programming, technical support and upgrade packages for your growing web empire. has a variety of hosting offerings available for your website needs. You can opt for a dedicated hosting, collocation or even VPS. They also handle domain registration and free domains. WordPress hosting is also being offered by the DreamHost.

DreamHost had its own shares of negative and positive reviews. They have had great relationships with customers with regards to their uptime until 2006 when a power outage affected the business and also their sites which of course infuriated customers. Because of this, they made a blog known as “DreamHost Status” to serve as a bulletin regarding the status of the host and all other problems linked to their customers. Veering away from these drawbacks, DreamHost is one of the net hosts included in Inc. Magazine’s top 5000 companies in 2007. Their sensitivity over the environment and lessening their carbon footprints and retaining their high level of service is truly remarkable. In addition, the company also hosts for free some non-profit organizations and charities.

The more you see it, DreamHost, with its various locations around the US performs not only for business sake but also with regards to environmental and social causes. With just these aspects, you can say that the company already has a great rating as a professional host provider. The service of course is highly regarded and hosts over 700,000 websites and counting with 1500 servers.

Its customer based approach is an added value for their hosting services. They consider customer and clients as part of their family. If you are in need of a hosting service and you want to feel at ease with the people you are working with, then is a great net host to give you what you need for your website!

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Net Hosts in the Spotlight: Hosting with DreamHost

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