Net Hosts in the Spotlight: Hosting with HostGator is one of the oldest net hosts who are operating from the early days. HostGator has already bagged numerous users from around the world. They are among the top host providers of the world with more than 2500000 domains. Yes, the number is too big. This is the point where you should think deeply about the service.

Hostgator offers you free disk space along with unlimited bandwidth, user friendly control panel, unlimited subdomains and mail accounts. Also, you will get 45 days money back guarantee with 99.9% uptime guarantee. It’s no wonder HostGator is one of the most popular net hosts. It will make your site building experience easier than ever before with more 4500 templates, access to most robust and easy site building tools like sitebuilder and sitestudio.

HostGator as a net host has a reputation for working in most trusted ways. Signing up with their packages will give you 50$ ad credits with Google’s AdWord program. You will get free scripts, MySQL transfer. You will get real time customer support service. It is easy for you to sign up with the HostGator packages and get things going quickly. You will be amazed with the offers included inside each service package of HostGator.

Now, let us have a look at the host packages from HostGator

There are three core packages. They are hatchling plan, baby plan and business plan.

  • Hatchling plan will be suitable for individuals with single domain activities.
  • The baby plan is slightly different than hatchling plan where users will be entitled to receive and manage unlimited domains.
  • The business plan is all quite similar to baby plan but this time users will get a toll free number along with the offer bundle.

If you compare the details of all the plans closely, you will identify some breakthrough differentiation among the hosting plans. Parked domain facility is not available with hatchling plan. It is offered in baby and business plan. Anonymous FTP is only offered in business package along with chillisoft ASP. Dedicated IP is not available at hatchling plan while baby package users can subscribe for it for monthly 2$ charge. And the same is included in business package as free. It depends on your need and choice which package to sign up with. Hostgator has them all, just select the one that goes with your need and demand.

As you know HostGator is one of the pioneer net hosts, they have their packages designed based on the needs from their customer. Currently they are operating in service areas like shared, reseller, vps and dedicated requirement niche. Also, they have successfully captured a large share of the WordPress users. And they have built their reputation also. Lots of awards they have received for their brilliant host services that include editors’ choice, top 10 and budget choice.

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Net Hosts in the Spotlight: Hosting with HostGator

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