Warning: ModernWarfare3 Domain Name is Under Siege

Activision, the gaming company behind the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare series, has sought legal action to have the ModernWarfare3.com domain name seized. Activision starts a $2,600 domain name dispute with the National Arbitration Forum after the privately-owned domain name ModernWarfare3.com redirecting visitors to competitor’s website, EA Battlefield 3.


However, the domain name ModernWarfare3.com was registered by an unnamed individual via GoDaddy.com on March 26 of 2009, well before Modern Warfare 3 was announced.

ModernWarfare3.com is back to its old format online, but with a twist.  Sitting on the home page is a copy of the complaint (read here) the owner received. The documents give the illusive holder of the ModernWarfare3.com domain name 20 days in which to respond to the official complaint once they receive it from the NAF. It also points out that they might like to seek legal assistance to help with the fees now totalling $2,600.

According to the rules of the UDRP, Activision must establish that the ModernWarfare3.com domain is identical to a trademark it has the rights to, that the person who registered it has no rights to the domain name, and that the individual in fact is using it in bad faith.

Today, the website has nearly 17,000 Facebook “Likes”.

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